What brand shirt is the design printed on?

Most shirts will be printed on AAA shirts or Blue Crown. Some may be different due to unexpected absences of suppliers. If you think I should I use a different brand of shirt, please let me know. I'm considering using the blank shirts at target, although it would cost more, if you're willing to pay for a better quality shirt, again, please let me know.

AAA shirts are regular fit and most Asian-owned shops sell shirts with this brand.

Blue Crown shirts have a slimmer fit and are sold at your local Tilly's stores. 

If you want to know how the shirt will fit, you can try going to these stores and trying on the blank shirt first.

Almost all shirts I sell will shrink after a wash.(I don't think the women's shirts will shrink, the raglan might). If it seems big at first, don't worry, the wash and drier will make it shrink.

White Letters/Design 

Don't stretch your shirt where the design is or it will definitely crack and not look appealing. Other than that, it shouldn't fade at all. The blank ink on white shirts will fade slightly only after the first, from then on the color stays consistent.


If you want to be 150% sure the ink won't fade a lot after a wash, then Iron the shirt inside out over the design. I've also been told that if you boil the shirt in salt water, the color of the shirt will not fade after each wash.

Wash it inside out
Tumble dry low for minimum shrinkage and tumble dry high if you want it to shrink.

If you have any suggestions at all,send an ask on tumblr or comment somewhere on the facebook page.